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How Child Development could be different

Stay-at-home parents could open in-home daycares

Playgrounds could be dangerous

New parents could take their baby to work

Children could be encouraged to get passports and travel

Books could be available in vending machines

All children could receive automatic library memberships

Parents could be encouraged to talk more to their newborns and infants

All new parents could receive a baby box

Parents and parents-to-be could receive text messages to promote maternal and child health

Preschool could be part of the public education system

Toys could be gender neutral

New mothers could receive at least 12 paid weeks of maternity leave

Parents and infants could have more contact during the day and sleep near each other to promote good development

Parents could respond quickly and consistently to infant crying

Healthy school meals could be available to schoolkids

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) could help violent and chronic juvenile offenders

Children could stay with their families rather than being placed into foster care

Social support rituals could aid new mothers during the postpartum period

Orphanages could be replaced by providing more support to families, adoption services, or good quality foster care

The Nurse-Family Partnership program could be used more widely