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Staying alive during a traffic stop.

By Patrice
Sat Jan 27 2018 6:26 pm

In the US, it has happened too many times.
Police officers are nervous during traffic stops.
This is because of the huge number of guns.
The police officer stops you and asks for papers.
You go to your back pocket or in the glove box.
The officer thinks that you are picking up a gun...
And he shoots you. You are dead.
The last dead victim was Philandro Castille.

The solution is so simple and obvious:
A small flat holder for the license & car papers.
When you do not drive: It fits in your wallet.
When you drive, you hook it to the sun visor.
When you go for your papers, your hands go up.
Your hands stay visible all the time.
The police officer is not scared and feels safe.
He does not shoot you. Happy Ending.

The key of the idea is to keep your hands visible.
There are several possible implementations:
The holder can be Velcro or Magnetic.
It can even be a simple CD organizer.
The car papers can stay up with the CDs.
All you need in the flat holder is the license.

So stay safe and do not get shot.


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