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Part 2 Sincroaeris teleportation and warp

By Tharen
Thu Feb 19 2015 12:29 pm

Sincroaeris 2: reconstruction of the human brain
Quite difficult is the reformation of ruined flesh, primarily the brain, and as such the restoration of the brain following their rebirth is born of several common yet no less necessary aspects: as models of the subject’s minds are constructed and simulated, several progenitor cells or stem cells are sampled, and used to construct a 3d form of the simulated mind, which is then activated. Activation of this tissue given its perfectly mirroring structure to that of its parent, will result in a similar if not identical thought pattern, which is observed as the organ lies in its nutrient bath, to ensure that its responses to given stimuli are identical to that of its former version. Activation of this tissue is accomplished through presentation of the subject’s own polarized cerebral fluid, or intercepting a single impulse from the brain to the spine.


Warp Travel Teleportation


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