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Safer Hill Assist Hill Hold

By Gijo
Mon Mar 28 2016 6:33 am

Safer Hill Assist Hill Hold ( SHAHH ) is a device which have many advantages compared to the current Hill Start Assist (HSA) used in automobiles.

The advantages are as given below.

1. No Power Requirement
2. No Air pollution
3. No fuel consumption
4. No Wear and Tear of brake shoes
5. No Delay for the activation
6. No Delay for the deactivation
7. One time activation for many start & stop on climbing the same hill
8. Easy to operate
9. Easy to manufacture
10. Easy to maintain
11. No need of any consumables
12. More safer compared to the current system
13. No electronic circuit
14. No chance of slipping due to moisture as brake shoes & drums/discs are not used
15. No failures due to electrical or electronic faults
16. Operation can be done manual or automatic
17. A simple & single system


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