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The Good News Channel

By Leif Ericson

A television or internet webpage channel that only broadcasts good news to people. ie: Parades, Child Births, Stories with amazing / good outcomes, the weather. I present this idea to the internet community in hopes that people will stop concentrating so much on the negative things in life. I'm sure there are a lot of people that can make the argument: "Violence sells!" But I'm pretty sure there is just as many people who would love to see something NEW and INSPIRING to watch every day. Instead of things like the Andrew Zimmerman case, people getting killed, and robberies. IF anyone can try to collaborate or brainstorm on this idea with me feel free to post here, i will try to keep checking up on this website. Thanks a lot


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Hicbd Thu Jul 25 2013
9:53 am
Hi Leif! Cool idea! We have heard of this website called that is like this- we'll post it in the "From the World" section

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