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How Schools could be different

Job readiness skills and career development could be taught in high school

Financial literacy could be taught in high schools

Government agencies, schools, universities, and nonprofits could have online feedback platforms

Children could not be shamed if they cannot pay for school lunch

Public school district funding could be less unequal

Detention could replaced with mindfulness and yoga

Schools could have a well-run school library

Children could be encouraged to get passports and travel

Students could earn micro-scholarships throughout high school

Students could be custodians for schools

Bullying could be reported anonymously

Volunteer tutors could help to improve literacy rates

Parents or guardians could be immediately emailed or texted when a student misses class

Goats, cows, and sheep could be lawnmowers

Healthy school meals could be available to schoolkids

Schools could have coaches that organize play during recess and after school

Bullying could be addressed with babies

Students could learn at home and do homework in school

Education could be available online for free

Corporal punishment could be banned in schools

Small schools could boost graduation rates

Career Academies could improve labor market outcomes for students

Teachers could be trained by apprenticeship programs

Public schools could offer apprenticeships or internships

Student surveys could evaluate teachers

Schools could offer better counseling for poor students