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How zoos can be more popular

By Bon
Sun Jul 17 2016 8:26 pm

Zoos were never very exciting to me as a child. I assume in this day and age of instant gratification, crazy roller coaster rides, insane technological advancements in entertainment, Zoos are probably the last place someone wants to go for a thrill.

My idea is to make zoos for adults and make them more interactive with an element of risk.
You basically have all animals out together in a savannah like setting, for example, where they would be in their natural habitat, so you'd have elephants, lions, gazelles, giraffes, hippos etc. Through this savannah like setting you'd have a narrow pathway that winds through. The pathway would have a strong plexiglass barrier on both sides. The pathway is narrow enough so that wildlife can't get onto the path. Every few hundred feet there would be breaks in the plexiglass to give the observer an element of danger. The observer would need to make sure the coast is clear before running from the protected path to the next section of protected path. This of course would probably not fly as we know people are not that bright and would probably walk out to try to pet a lion and get mauled. And animals may not see the plexiglass and run into them and get injured. At any rate zoo goers could walk along the path during the day and at night they would be given night vision goggles. They would see animals acting as they normally would, and hunting and killing prey as they normally would.
I think that could be quite an adventure that people would be willing to pay for and in turn funding the preservation of our wildlife.


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