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New type of filesystem

By Mark
Fri Jan 20 2017 4:19 am

I propose we develop a new way to access your files.
Computers have been using the same hierarchical system of accessing files for centuries.
As you know, it consists of a root directory, or before computers, a file cabinet. you then look through the drawers to find the folder that contains other folders with the file that you are looking for; and when you are looking for numerous files, in various drawers in various folders, it becomes very time consuming.

I have a 1 Terra byte hard drive that i recently purchased, and i realised, once i fill it up, trawling through the mass of files and folders is going to be even more strenuous.

So i propose, that we find a way to produce a non-hierarchical system, or improve the one we have.

I aplologize for not having an idea just yet, but i thought i would get this out in the air, and see what people think would be a good way to replace our dated storage system.




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