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new dating site idea "Women-chat-first."

By jason
Thu May 14 2015 2:13 pm

i have recently been looking at a lot of dating websites and a lot are free to join but then you have to pay to chat or whatever, i have also seen sites where the man has to chat first and its free for women to chat but not men witch i think is wrong personally so my idea is as follows,
A dating website funded solely by advertising on the site witch would allow all to chat for free but at the same time been a little bit shy myself i understand that its hard for men to make the first move aswell as myself i never know what to say so how about a dating site where the woman has to chat first and a man can only contact a woman at first by reply then once you start chatting open up a private message to chat freely between themselves at any time.
i think this would be a excellent idea especially for the shy blokes who never want to send the first message as they are to shy or even just afraid of rejection.
This way the woman chooses who she would like to speak to first.
Thats all i have on my idea at the moment any responses would be helpful.


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