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What Nobody Mentions

By Stephen
Sun Nov 15 2015 1:21 pm

Is the rampant favors-for-dollars corruption in government caused by an innocent voter habit that nobody ever mentions? Specifically, did anyone ever explain exactly what it is that gives campaign contribution money so much influence over our policy decisions in Congress, and over which candidates get elected? The Center for Responsive Politics points to an unconscious voter habit of electing the biggest spenders in the campaigns. But nobody mentions the corrupting effects of the habit: every campaign donor trying to give the most, in order to gain the most influence over every candidate trying to spend the most, in order to get the most votes.

Has anything been written on the subject of “voters electing biggest spenders?” A Google search turns up my own Website, the Center for Responsive Politics Website, and many others. But no books, articles or columns about the bad consequences of this habit. Has any effort been made to inform the public?

In the October posting at I suggest how voters could shake the habit. (If this link fails, see preceding paragraph.) I hope someone will tell me any reason why it wouldn’t work, anything I overlooked.


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