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bike with hand pedals propelling the front tire

By emerson
Thu Aug 13 2015 7:16 am

there are bikes that have hand pedals like varibike and four strike bike but all of them propell the rear tire, what i propose is a bike where steering is achieved by articulating the bike frame like a semi trailer truck, and making the front tire rigid and unable to twist from left to right.

steering the bike will be done by shifting the whole front segment of the bike, with steering handlebard rendered immovable, a hand pedal would take its place with the chain connected to the front tire. it could also have a fixed handle bat in case the rider decides not to use the hand pedals.

my idea is geared more for fitness and genaral health not speed or rough terrain, because strength issues about the articulated bike frame is not yet tested, so it will probably be more suited as a road bike




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