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The Cooler ReDesigned

By Sarah
Mon Mar 10 2014 6:11 pm

Problem: The cooler box design has remained virtually unchanged since its inception. Coolers are heavy and bulky BEFORE you even add ice! Once cooler boxes are full with ice, food, and beverages they become extremely heavy and awkward. It may take 2-4 people to move a full cooler to the soccer field, beach, campsite, or wherever you need it to go!
Solution: Science has provided us with lightweight, strong, and durable advanced materials. By using these new materials, the cooler box can be lighter than ever while remaining rigid and strong and possibly become more effective. Utilizing advanced materials can possibly reduce the weight of the cooler by nearly 50-75% allowing a single person to move a full cooler to wherever it needs to go!


Problem Solving Coolers


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