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The Sincroaeris Theory of Warp travel and Teleportation

By Tharen
Tue Jan 27 2015 10:25 am

The Sincrosis Theory and its corresponding derivatives and secondary theories are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

The Sincrosis Theory: Warp travel and Teleportation
This theory of warp travel, or rather teleportation hinges upon technology that mankind is currently capable of, oriented upon man’s present abilities rather than those of future speculated. 3D printing and signal amplifying satellites, these are the aspects of Sincrosis, these are the aspects of teleportation, a concept that may at present seem unnatural, impossible, unlikely. Yet as this document is further perused, evermore knowledge shall suffuse your mind, and with evermore clarity shall you behold its contents.
Chapter I: Basic Function
As the Sincrosis drive is activated, diamond edged blades shred and catalogue the crew as the ship is disassembled and stored within the transmitter segment, whereupon the data that represents both crew and vessel is transmitted to the receiving segment which reconstructs both. Yet of superior difficulty, is the reconstruction of the human brain, for without proper reconstruction of this vessel, the subject would cease to remain themselves, and as such the crew’s minds are fully modeled and tested several months prior, each wrinkle and the pattern by which it was forged, reactivated by introducing their own cerebral fluid to induce polarization of the brain cells due to the ionized nature of brain fluid. As the methods by which their mind operates are recorded and formed anew, the subject’s mind is formed into an A.I which responds to several simple questions with the unique nature of the human it represents, the neural patterns effectively translated into a digital form by storing each thought as it is translated into english, and utilizing the pattern by which the subject’s mind operates, as an algorithm to determine response. Should this effort prove successful, a flesh version is hewn (patterns reconstructed by a cycling influx of polarized cerebral fluid or electrical impulses, or even printing the mind with heretofore polarized cells that are cloned via stem cells from the subject’s own body, and mimic the wrinkles and generally knotted shape of their oblong neural organ. Thus, once the crew and their vessel are reforged, each is far from simply a precise clone of their previous edition, rather the synapses that haunted their mind even directly previous to the diamond blade’s dissection of the brain, is stimulated and translated, thoughts themselves reborn as the creature is printed, since the human subject’s own synapses are fully copied, and they are born of tissue cultured from this subject’s mind which is stimulated to perfectly mimic that of its host. One might present the concept of this original subject’s death, yet far is this from true since as the other wakes, its own synapses follow the path of its former, and this new edition received its thought processes from the other.
Thus, a second possibility exists: simply induce the subject into a dreamlike state, and translate their own thoughts into this new clone while stimulating their own mind to mimic the actions of their freshly hewn edition.


Warp Travel Teleportation


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