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3 Measures while discussing 2 bedroom granny flat designs

By stachel
Fri Jan 16 2015 2:12 am

When it comes to granny flat the designs have to be extremely well planned. Without right thought and planning it is impossible to build a good home for old people. It is not just the luxuries but the comfort of the elders and their safety that has to be taken care of.

This is why you have to contact professional granny flat designers. It is important that you and the professional talk all the important issues pertaining to the granny flats. Without you having the blueprint of the homes, you will not be able to get a good idea about the homes. Also without the right design in your hand, you will not be able to confirm and begin the project.With limited space to build the granny flats, think of the 2 bedroom granny flat designs.

3 important measures that will help you in your granny flat project are discussed below.:

Spacing of Rooms:
Granny flat with 2 bedrooms with limited space will definitely need planning. Professionals will help you out with various granny flat solutions. There might be Autocad that will help you learn about the design of the flat. With the blue print in your hands you will not have to worry thinking how would the house look? Bring in the elderly people for discussion. Their inputs will certainly help the professionals understand their requirements and expectations from the structure. For example the old people would want a front porch in their home. Or they would prefer bigger bedroom and smaller sitting room. The granny flat designers will come up with interesting concepts.

Electrical Fittings:
The first necessity in any flat is the light. When it comes to elderly, you will want well-lit homes. The house should have good light not only during the day but also during the dark. Professionals have to be informed about such details. In a 2 bedroom granny flat designs there will be a difference in the lighting pattern in different rooms. There is a need for proper lighting in different corners of the home. It is not just the lights but accessing the lights should be easy too. The old people should not find it hard to locate the switches. Along with the lights there will be other items that run on electricity. Make sure the cabling is pre-planned so that everything in the house is safe.

Every angle of safety has to be considered when the 2 bedroom granny flat designs are discussed. It is not just about the safety door and latches or burglar alarms. A slippery floor might make the old person slip and fall. Also too much of furniture or stairs would not be appreciated by the elders. This is why you will want the professional designers to discuss all the parameters of safety. Think of all the things that would make the life of the elderly happy and comfortable. Unless such things are discussed, one will never succeed in making a home that is comfortable for the elderly.

Consider these 3 basic yet crucial elements while discussing the 2 bedroom granny flat plans. They will guide you to build the best one. Also such granny flats will be liked by the elderly and love to live in it.


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