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Mid-air projection?

By Amelia
Thu Oct 2 2014 7:46 pm

So, you know in Sci-Fi movies/books they always have that green projection that pops up that they can use it to draw, ect.? Well, I have an idea that may be completely impossible but maybe not? So, there is matter that is denser than others, right? Well, what if we could maybe hold that matter in a certain place without it visibly there but it is still denser then the other matter around it. We could have a (machine) that creates this matter on one side of the wall and a projector on the other side. So when the "matter" machine is turned on, the matter will only go so far and the projector can project onto the denser matter rather than one wall where some can't see. With this, a projector can project in the middle of the room in a see-through fashion where everyone can see comfortably! This may be a long shot, but It sounds possible.


Matter Projectors


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