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Self powered roaster grill

By Basadi
Thu Sep 11 2014 7:32 am

This idea solves the use of batteries or electricity from direct sources to power roaster grills. Using batteries involves a lot of tme waste in charging battery from electrical source and pluging it to an electrical source does not facilitate the use of the machine in areas where there is no electrical supply.
When burning fuel during roasting or grilling process a lot of energy is lost in the form heat, this energy can be capitalized on to produce electrical energy through an integrated small thermoelectric generator. The electrical energy created will be stored to power the rotation of rotisserie, ignite fuel, control of temperature in grill and light led bulbs during night cookings. This will facilitate the use of roaster grills anywhere regardless to whether there is electricity or not. No more worries on frequent spendings on battries or adding up numbers to your bill because spendings on charcoal or gas will cover the whole energy needs for the roaster grill. You can easily turn meat or vegetable with turning grill. Do not worry about burnig of meat because you can set the maximum temperature in grill with temperature controller.


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