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Sadek Alam

By Sadek
Mon May 6 2013 5:44 am

I am a teacher. Whist sitting at home on a hot bank holiday and doing some marking on past papers I came across this ingenious idea that will solve teachers time, energy, effort in marking. Students all over the world who are sitting GCSEs and A levels in the UK do many past papers. The solution I have will benefits teachers all over the world in many countries. The idea is very simple. You can write the answers on a device like a tablet pc for example mini ipad or even traditional computer. Then this is linked to a modern electronic teachers ink stamp. The answers written on the pc could then be sent to the teachers ink stamp. The next step is the ink stamp is then used by the teacher on the past exam papers on mistakes made by teaches. There are huge commercial benefits to this idea in countries like Germany, USA, France and many more.
Sadek Alam




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