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system for vehicle and traffic co-ordination

By prashant
Sat Nov 9 2013 12:35 am


The present invention relates to a traffic and vehicle coordination system, and more particularly to a system that identify problem drivers/vehicle, coordinate with street lights, traffic signals and take action against on violation of speed limits and
traffic rules also monitor the emergency situation and provide the proper guidance and can also save the vehicle from accident.


a) The System will not allow any vehicle to break traffic signals.

b) The system will not allow any vehicle to drive by exceeding the speed limit

c) The system will not allow any vehicle to drive from wrong side

d) The system will save the energy that is use on street lights

e) The system will save the life of any vehicle driver by controlling his vehicle if he is in danger

f) The system will not allow anyone to drive without licence

g) The system will provide the vehicle driver the facility that without his permission no one can drive his vehicle
only the people he want can drive

h) The system will have its full control over the every vehicle that is running on the road and it will be able to take the action
against them at that instant only if it found they are violating any traffic rule


Today we know that Problem of traffic controlling is become more intense with increased number of vehicles on roads.
High speed driving followed by exceeding speed limits has become very common and there are various traffic control system that
monitor speed of vehicles that identify vehicles that exceed the speed limits. Such systems only check if the vehicles follow the
traffic rules or not. The monitoring is done with the help of few sensors and one or more cameras.

The traffic control system don’t have any control over the crimes that are done using vehicles such as bank robbery or like
kidnapping and many more crimes that are done through the vehicle this control system can only monitor the vehicles but can’t stop them and the system need a lot of maintenance

Therefore, there is a need of traffic control system that monitors vehicles along with the drivers, and penalizes those who violate
traffic rules. A system is also needed that monitors and stores history of each vehicle driver for future reference.

So we made a system Traffic and vehicle co- ordination system , This system is having advantages over all other project that are
related to traffic safety and security because the system will not only monitor the vehicle but will also take action against them


1. Speed limit-

T he system will continuously keep on checking the speed of
vehicles(to check the speed or any other operation there will be
no need of any sensor or cameras our system is maintenance free)
and if it found that any vehicle has exceeded the speed limit then
the system will send a message the vehicle driver to reduce the
speed and will again check either he is in limit or not , if the driver
reduce the speed then the system will not take any action but if it
found that he is not following the rule and not reducing the speed
then the system will stop the vehicle and the driver can’t drive
any vehicle until he has paid the fine , so this will help to reduce
the accident that are cause due to high speed driving.

2. Traffic signal-

The system will keep on monitoring the vehicles and if the
system found that any vehicle break the traffic signal it will
send a message to the vehicle to take the vehicle to one side and
stop if the vehicle driver is not following the instruction then the
system will make him stop by stopping the vehicle . The system
will also check the strength of traffic on the road and adjust the
traffic signal to save the time of drivers.

3. Licence to drive-

Every vehicle driver will need licence to drive his vehicle
without licence no one will be able to drive the licence nor
any one can’t use some one else licence to drive only the
people who are authorized to drive can only drive ,even the
system will not any one to drive the vehicle without the
owner permission.

4. Energy saver -

We know that there any many places where there is no one the street but still the street lights are on so the
system will save the energy of street lights by sensing the
objects on the street and will control the lights according to
it .

5. Life saver-

Many time we found that the accident are cause because
the vehicle enter in a restricted area where some
work is going on like old bridges and this causes
accident but now if some one is going in such a area where
he can caught a accident then the system will alarm the
vehicle driver to change his direction and if he is not
changing the direction the system will consider it as a
technical problem in the vehicle and will stop the vehicle to save the driver life

6. Drive at your side –

The system will keep on checking the direction of
driving of vehicles and if it found any vehicle driving
from wrong side it will message the vehicle to drive
from right side and if he is not following the instruction
the system will take the action against the vehicle


At last we want to conclude that today there is a need of such
kind of system for traffic and vehicle safety as it also required
low maintenance and can be easily installed in vehicles at a
low cost and better then the other security system that are
used today


Prashant Gade



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