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Local Hero Exchange

By Dean
Wed Aug 7 2013 6:17 am

Local Hero Exchange is basically a media repository that records the local heroes of local communities. Pictures and text rotate about heroes on a screen.

We have all these brilliant role models dead, dying off or alive that do not get projected to inspire others. Schools, doctor surgeries, and just about any waiting room can have a screen rotating the pictures and information on local and international heroes.

The inspirational value of a hero is often greatest in the region they operated in or originated from. The more people can identify with a hero then the more inspired they can be.

Locals would also like to know about international heroes that had an affect on the local community. Screen savers and waiting rooms can be made more productive and positively suggestive at least to the subconcious. Perfect as an extension to an institution like Wikipedia, UN, State or Federal governments.


Community Development


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