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How not to let the beautiful game of soccer be decided by a penalty shootout

By Shireesh
Thu Feb 7 2013 7:00 pm

Twice now, the Euro 2012 soccer championships have had to be decided by a penalty shootout. Penalty shootouts do not ensure that the better team wins. I propose that the following criteria to be taken into account; with appropriate weightages given to each; to decide the winner of a soccer game. It seems a shame that the “beautiful game” should be decided by a penalty shootout; which is essentially a gamble and relegates the game to the same level as cricket.
1. Percent ball possession
2. Attempts on goal (those that hit the post or contact the goalkeeper)
3. Percent of completed passes with weightage given to those completed in the opponent’s half versus those completed in own half.
4. Number of times dispossessed.


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