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Locate, map, and auction off land for conservation and other positive uses

By Matt
Tue Jan 22 2013 3:49 pm

The concept would find large swaths of land and attempt to purchase this land so that it can be put to good use. Hundreds of square miles of rainforest? Locate, map, and auction it off to be used for research and conservation. Underused wastelands? Vacant buildings and factories? Find them and auction them off to be put to good use.

The system would operate like a massive crowdfunding campaign: Individuals will locate land, etc. currently owned by certain interest groups and agree on a price, if the interest groups are interested in selling. Individuals and groups can then donate money to whatever cause/land purchase is in question. Their donations would only go through if the maximum goal is met or exceeded (i.e., if the land was able to be purchased). A certain amount of money would go towards the basic buy-out fee that the interest groups require, and a certain amount of money would go towards whatever plan(s) were put in place for the land.

There are many potential uses for this: purchasing land for conservation or research, building schools and charities, and providing space for any and all positive programs.


Fundraising Conservation


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