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Supermarkets could grow produce on their roofs

By Hicbd
Wed Oct 10 2012 1:24 pm


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David Sat Jan 26 2013
3:40 pm
talk about dumb as dog-shit ... taking their employees from their tasks and sending them to the roof to garden is idiotic ... this is not good logistics for food production nor rational economics or efficiency.
Philipp Wed Feb 20 2013
3:01 am
well to say "dumb as dog-shit" is quite radical. I think its a idea that you could turn it into something that may be working. My grilfriend, for example, would love to harvest her own products but since we are living in a big city there is no green ground to buy or rent. So it would be nice to rent a "ready to use ground" in a big greenhouse complex. Of course there are hundreds of open questions like is this profitable to the supermarket since they are not selling some of their products but on the other hand, people who got some place there have another reason to hang around at the market and consume stuff there.


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