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debate app

By jeremy wilsman

Just something I've been working on

Step 1. Idea
Problem: We're living in a world full of intolerance, judgement, and discrimination. Everyone has an opinion or view about something. These views are based on our values and ideals we've learned from parents, friends, religion, race, financial status, personal situations, teachers, idols, role models, and the things that we consider most important to us. All of that makes perfectly good sense. But what isn't right is that just because we have these beliefs we always think we're right and someone else is wrong. We don't take the time to open our minds and think about what factors are affecting the persons opinion on the opposite side of the argument. We shield ourselves from the full picture. Just because I have an opinion doesn't mean it holds any more weight than someone else's that is different. We need to take in the views from everyone, from every angle. Being different isn't bad. Its a different perspective. We should take into account all of these differences and use them to make informed decisions that will benefit mankind in an effort to bring happiness to everyone. We've put people on the moon, grown limbs from stem cells, given vision to blind. We have devices at our fingertips that can do almost any task we ever need. We've found ways to share a picture of our gym session with the world in the click of a button but we haven't created a convienent, fair, simple way to give everyone a voice on what means them post to them.

Step 2. Solution
My idea is to make an app made to give an voice to anyone who feels passionately enough about something that they want to be heard. I want to create a debate app where people give their arguments on chosen social issues with the intent of finding solutions that best benefit everyone. There will be a way to screen arguments for slander, name calling, and fake facts. It'll be ran close to the way a college debate is structured. That's the idea in a nutshell without going into details. If it works the way that I really hope it will then that means there's a possibility of bring about change by providing anyone with an insight to other people's beliefs, their struggles, what drives them, their values, and how they're affected by factors we might recognize or identify with. If we can get to a point where people respect each other for our differences and use those differences to make better informed decisions we could get back on a successful path for mankind.

now I just need some feedback


Activism App Idea


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Alice Tue Jul 21 2015
5:39 am
Hello Jeremy. I work in a new start-up named Guaana and we are hoping to achieve something similar with our Moonshot format. We will be launching in september, so keep an eye on us:

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