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Viewing and analyzing the connections of companies with unneeded, unsafe products, who have had government contracts

By Shlomo

There are several companies, best exemplified by Monsanto, how have been cleared to release unsafe chemical, biological, and genetically modified products, despite lack of testing to insure their safety for the health of all involved. Monsanto was the company that gave us agent orange, a chemical defoliant used in Vietnam, that was found to cause a wide host of sever harmful reactions to anyone exposed to it. They are also the company that brought the bovine growth hormone, meant to make cow produce more milk, that has been proved to have many negative affects, and was released and pushed on to farmers when we had a milk surplus.

We must all look at companies like this and question how they are able to get their products on the market. They have made a pesticide for tobacco, that has been banned for use in the US, but not in Turkey. The tobacco treated with this in Turkey is then sold to the Camel cigarette company, which then is sold in the US.

How are these loop holes allowed to exist and why does the government either facilitate or turn a blind eye to these issues




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Ellen Wed Apr 3 2013
8:23 am
Worth investigating.

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