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Help Artists out by becoming a Weekend Art Dealer

By David Valin

Help Artists out by being a Weekend Art Dealer, there is so much complexity for artists to get their work seen, and the process is so expensive, so artists struggle to survive...

So wouldn't it be cool if on a part time basis, on the weekends, people that love art would, take a promising artist out to dinner, visit their studios, or places they have their art, and view their works of art.

Also these weekend art dealers, could get commissions for artists in trade for works of art. And they could sell the artists works, and help them do group shows. And create interest in their works...

These Weekend Art Dealers could also participate in many artists careers and eventually might become as successful as the full time art dealers.

We have to support our creative Humans if we want to stay Human!


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John Sun Jan 20 2013
7:28 am
Great idea, would be great if there was an official program or website people could go to
john Tue Jun 25 2013
3:40 pm
David, I love this idea. I know many artists who are not represented in galleries and have been considering hosting gatherings in my home as a venue to showcase artists and their works. You have inspired me to give it a go.

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