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How U.S. Healthcare could be different

Health practitioners could be trained in offering Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives

Doctors could prescribe opioid pain pills on a limited basis

More U.S. clinics could offer late-term abortions to those who have maternal or fetal medical issues

U.S. states could expand Medicaid to prevent the coverage gap

Manufacturers of recalled drugs could be required to contact consumers

Clinicians could be given "safe harbor" protection from medical malpractice liability when following clinical practice guidelines

Primary health care could be modeled after the Veterans Affairs health system

Nurse practitioners could offer primary care services through clinics

An opt-out system could encourage organ donations

Lower insurance premiums could be offered to those who make healthy choices

Fee-for-service could be replaced by bundled payments

Obamacare could be replaced by a single payer national health insurance

A public option could be added to state insurance exchanges