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How Cities could be different

Streets, public parks, and sidewalks could have trampolines

Panhandlers could be offered a job for the day

Tiny homes in backyards could house the homeless

Parking spaces could be made into parklets

Citizens could adopt fire hydrants

Parking spaces' availability could be known through an app

Community planning could involve games and crowdsourcing online

Libraries could be free and little

Sewer systems could use real-time monitoring and control "smart valve" technology

Citizens could call the government or nonprofits about homeless people

Bridges could be trampolines

Governments could share technology and apps to improve public services

A landlord watchlist website could improve housing conditions

Communities could use private social networking websites to connect with their neighbors

Cities, countries, and organizations could offer information hotlines, websites, and texting services

Signs on the street could warn pedestrians to look both ways